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Custom CNC Machining of Molybdenum Housing and Flex Ring for Physics Research

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Molybdenum Filament Connector Rod
Molybdenum Filament Connector Rod

We pride ourselves in our ability to tackle challenging parts, and this is one of our proudest accomplishments. We have developed a relatioship with the a high profile research institute at a major university and they have turned to us for several complex molybdenum projects, including this collector housing. This molybdenum housing is about 2.75" in diameter and about .75" deep.

The inner diameters were turned on a CNC lathe and required more intense programming than may be apparent in pictures. The depth of the bottom surface includes a taper on both its inside and outside surfaces which required careful machining from both sides.

The outside diameter of the house could not be turned because of the flat mounting pads that protrude beyond the major diameter of the rest of the housing. A special fixture had to be built to hold the delicate housing for circle milling. The groove visible in the side of housing has a complex profile as well which added more challenges where it meets the mouting pads. This was machined in our 4 axis CNC machine. The outer rings each have 2-56 tap holes and the 4 hole pattern on the flat pad on the side of the housing are 0-80 tap holes.

The flex ring is a scaled down version of a similar project we have built for the same customer in the past. Though it appears simple it is a very delicate operation on the 4th axis machine with another special fixture created to hold it. This is especially necessary since the piece does not leave any easy way by which to hold it.

To learn more about this project, or how our ability to precision machine molybdenum parts can help you with your application, please contact F&A Machine today.

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CNC Machining of Molybdenum Filament Connector Rod Project Highlights

Product Description A molybdenum collector housing for the research field.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Custom CNC Turning Services
  • Turn O.D.
  • Externally Thread Both Sides
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 2.379"
O.D.: Ø.187"
Side 1: 2-56 UNC-2A to 4-40 UNC-2A
Side 2: 4-40 UNC-2A
Tightest Tolerances ±.005"
Material Used Molybdenum
Material Finish Natural
In process testing/inspection performed 100% Dimensional Inspection
Industry for Use Semiconductor
Volume 100 Units
Delivery Location New Jersey
Standards Met Customer Supplied CAD Print
Product Name Filament Connector Rod
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